Cut Your Self Some Slack…

Hello Everyone!!

I hope this installment of the Blog finds everyone staying on track and keeping up with all the healthy habits you have learned from our office.  This is my hope and prayer but we live in a world full of temptations.   We all give into them, yes even your coaches fall victim to the weaknesses sometimes.  Let me be the first to tell you that it WILL be okay.  The world puts enough pressure and stress on us, we do not have to create more.  The guilt sometimes is over whelming and leads us down a darker path that just starts spinning out of control.

Here are some things to get you back on track:

  1. Try a In8 detox-This is a great jump.  It can be any where for 15-30 days.  You follow an easy eating plan and our patients lose on average 7-13 pounds with the 30 program.  This  program is an affordable way to get started again.

  2. Booster Program- This program consists of the detox and the 40 refresher program. There is a specific eating protocol and specific products to take.  You can drop the extra weight very quickly.  This program cost about 50% less than the original plan you did.

  3. Exercise– If you don’t move it, you’ll lose it!  Movement is so very important.  Add in anything that you like to do.  Dr Tressler has a lot of exercise videos on YouTube.

  4. GET ADJUSTED- This is the most under utilized, overlooked aspect of your over all attitude and health.  Every time you get adjusted, you reset your body’s chemistry.  Your chemistry controls every systems of your body.  Hormones, adrenals, etc. and these system make all the difference in the way you are feeling.  Everything is controlled through your nervous system.

  5. Find a buddy- If you have an accountability partner they will help hold you true to the plan.  Just don’t be mad if they call you out on any mistake that they find you doing.  Remember they are coming from a place of love not hate, do pick carefully.

  6. Write out a vision statement– This is your goals of why you want to get back on track.  Emily Miller says “that if you know your WHY, your WHAT will have more impact”.  Truer words have never been spoken, so write it down and read it all the time.

  7. Journal- Writing down what you put into your mouth is very important.  You will realize what your eating and be honest.

Bottom line is don’t panic and by all means don’t give up on yourself.  Don’t be embarrassed that you may have gain a few pounds back.  No one here is this office will pass judgment on you. We’re here to help you and lift you up not tear you down.  You can get back on track if you just follow these few easy steps.

We are here to help but we can’t make you do anything you are not ready to do.  Get your mind made up that you are doing for the right reasons.  Remember “we can do all things with God who gives us strength”.

Blessings and Success,


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