Could weight loss be really this easy? Well it couldn’t hurt to try!

Eat Slowly for Weight Loss – 5 Tips on How to Do It

Let’s take a moment to talk about eating speed. Apparently, people who eat more slowly, have a lower chance of gaining weight.  In controlled studies, people were given identical meals.  Half were told to eat “normally” while others were told to chew more and place their fork on the table between each bite.

The slower eaters ended up consuming less food, and thus fewer calories. They drank more water during the meal, which helped them feel satiated.  Additionally, an hour after eating, they reported feeling less hungry than the fast eaters.

What can you do to slow down your eating pace?   Here are some tips to try.

1. Eat real food.  While soft white bread is very chewable, it goes down fast and makes it easy to consume more.  Whole grain bread requires more work.  In general, “fast food” is made to be easy to eat without much effort.

2. Eat your fruits and vegetables, don’t drink them.  Smoothies are very popular, but drinking down your meal is the fastest way to ingest excess calories.  Chewing an apple or an orange is going to take more time.

3. Eat with company to slow down.  You’ll talk, laugh, and be more polite than if you’re eating on your own in front of the TV or computer. Of course, this can backfire if your meal companions are eating unhealthy food.

4. Use smaller utensils.  Smaller spoon  make or smaller bites.  Is that the secret of people who eat with chopsticks?

5. Allocate enough time for your meal so you won’t have to rush.

Are you a fast eater or a slow eater?  This is just some food for thought.  What ever works.  Remember we are all in this together.  Let us know what works best for you.



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