Coronavirus and Your Immune System

Research is quickly trying to find a drug or vaccine that may help defend against COVID-19, but you don’t have to wait and hope for such a time. Act now by improving your immune system, increasing phagocytosis, and your ability to defend against the coronavirus or any virus.

What is phagocytosis?

Phagocytosis is a process wherein a cell binds to the item it wants to engulf on the cell surface and draws the item inward while engulfing around it. The process of phagocytosis often happens when the cell is trying to destroy something, like a virus or an infected cell, and is often used by immune system cells.

The cells of the immune system can be categorized as lymphocytes (T-cells, B-cells and NK cells), neutrophils, and monocytes/macrophages, which are all types of white blood cells. These immune cells identify the virus, encapsulate it, and kill it.

How do we increase phagocytosis?

1. Omega-3 Fish Oil

One study showed the phagocytic capacity of the neutrophils in the blood was increased by 62% when volunteers ingested fish oil supplements.

2. Vitamin D & Vitamin A

Taking Vitamins D and A show an increase in the body’s immune function.

3. Chiropractic Adjustments

In 1991, Patricia Brennan, Ph.D., leading a team of researchers, discovered an immediate immune boost following a single chiropractic adjustment. The study showed a “phagocytic respiratory burst of polymorphonuclear neutrophils (PMN) and monocytes” right after being adjusted by chiropractors.

In 1994, Life Chiropractic University researchers took a group of HIV positive patients and adjusted them for six-months. They discovered that the “patients that were adjusted had a forty-eight percent (48%) increase in the number CD4 cells. CD4 cells are a critical part of immunity. The measurements were taken at the patients’ independent medical center, where they were under medical supervision for the condition. The control group (patients that weren’t adjusted) experienced the opposite effect with a 7.96% decrease in CD4 cell counts over the same period of time.

Before you freak out, watch this!


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