You must be careful through the holiday season not to get stuck in a rut and reverse your progress

Why Detox/Cleanse:

  1. Toxins get trapped in your fat cells and organs.

  2. Dieting or reducing calories does not cleanse them.

  3. Exercise will not completely remove them.

  4. Toxins make you sluggish, clog up your organs, clog up your colon, damage your hormones, and make you sick.

  5. Unless you remove and cleanse out these toxins – you will most likely gain weight through or after the holidays are over.

That’s where our 21 Day Purification comes in. Our regular Price on the 21 Day Purification is $695.  It is a complete purification/Detox/Cleanse.  By resetting your metabolism, cleansing out the toxins, and restoring normal balance, you NOT ONLY feel great, but will lose weight and be set for a great healthy start to 2016!

We Have drastically cut the cost to $395!  We are implementing on-line support and removing the time spent on consults to a minimum to help lower these costs.

2 Chances to WIN a FREE DETOX KIT! 1.  Write up your Testimony and Post.

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2.  Every Friend or Family you refer in for our extended $47 Special – You enter to win a FREE DETOX KIT.  AND… If they sign up for one of our programs – you receive an additional $100 off!

OFFER IS GOOD ONLY UNTIL JAN 15th.  We will have our winners and Promotion is over. Great time to tell your friends and family.

The picture above is our house last year with a beautiful snowfall.  Sure thankful for all the nice weather lately.  Sure was a pretty picture though.

Merry Christmas.  We should send a detox to Santa! Dr. T

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