Chiropractic for Kids

As I discovered chiropractic care and my body began to heal, I realized this was much more than just for back or neck pain.

My childhood of wetting my bed until age 9 was devastating to me. Chronic stomach aches and irritable bowel in high school was so bad at times that I lost control and would have an accident. In HIGH SCHOOL! And on top of that, allergies and sinus issues increased every year.

Chiropractic care not only corrected my back pain but allowed my body to heal from within. No more stomach issues, no allergies, no sinus issues and I even stopped catching the common sicknesses. This new life was amazing!

Fast forward to being newly married and attending chiropractic college, these new ideas and truths about chiropractic care, allowing the body to heal itself, were mind blowing! The premise that the body should NOT be sick and should have the ability to heal itself, without medication, was new to me but it made sense.

And then my wife, Gabrielle, suffered with asthma from the age of 3. Using an inhaler daily, steroids, theophylline prescriptions and being hospitalized EVERY year, 1-3 times, was how she lived (or suffered).

I told her about chiropractic possibly helping her and at first, she thought I was nuts. It didn’t make sense to her as she was never told about alternatives to traditional medicine! But I convinced her to have a check-up and x-ray. The chiropractors found stress and subluxation in her neck and back region, the very areas that supply the lungs.

She began to get adjusted and within 90 days, her asthma improved so well, she didn’t need any medication! It has now been 30 years being medication and asthma free!

I realized how our lives would have been drastically different if someone would have told our parents about chiropractic care. We could have had the opportunity to trade out all the medications for adjustments!

This is why and when I began to study pediatric care. I signed up for all of the extra courses, extra training and did everything I could to understand how to keep my kids healthy once we had them.

I DID NOT want my children to have to suffer through chronic sickness (or any sickness if possible) like we did.

IT WORKED! My 5 children were very blessed with an amazing healthy childhood, drug and medication free. Sickness was a bare minimum and as young adults, it still carries on.

I vowed to NEVER deny a child care in my office. Medication for children is currently at an all-time high. Chronic prescriptions for ear infections, asthma inhalers, acid reflux, constipation, and even depression/anxiety are through the roof. But they don’t need to be!

How does this happen?

Several factors play a role:

1. Birth trauma. Being pulled at birth, forceps, traction, suction and c-sections may misalign and straighten out the curve.

2. Falls, accidents and sports. Every kid will fall and have countless accidents, many are small, but enough to begin to shift the alignment of the spine out of place.

3. Computer, texting, iPad, and school work. Each child sits at a computer or screen for an avg of 7 ½ hours per day. This may cause a loss of neck curve and poor posture.

Only a chiropractic exam, posture evaluation and x-ray will show exactly if their spine is out of alignment or healthy.

When would you want to discover this? ASAP!

As the body ages, the misalignments will only accelerate due to our stressful lifestyle. Symptoms may not develop for years and by that time, it becomes chronic and harder to correct.

Benefits of Chiropractic for Kids:

1. Improved immune system = less sickness.

2. Prevention of chronic spinal decay and health problems as they age.

3. Better focus and concentration.

4. Less medication, less prescription drugs, quicker healing … a happier child.

5. Better sleep, digestion, and stomach function.

Children should not be chronically sick. Drugs mask the problem and have multiple side effects. Life is always BEST without DRUGS!

(Scoliosis and abnormal curvature begin early in life!)

What does EVERY PARENT want for their child or children? To be HEALTHY!!

My wife and I only WISH we could have had chiropractic care as a child to

avoid all the sickness we suffered with.

My COMMITMENT to you and your child is to offer a FREE evaluation

including x-rays to determine the health of your child. I will not DENY care

due to insurance or finances - EVER!

I would love to have the opportunity to allow you and your child/children to enjoy the full benefits of chiropractic care, healthy living, drug-free and happy!

Schedule your FREE evaluation today - You won’t regret it!!

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