8 Simple Tricks To Eat Less

I got this article from the Penn Trafford News and it was full of some really good ideas, so I decided to share it with everyone!

1.Use a smaller plate– This tricks your brain into thinking it ate a large meal than you really did.

2. Drink more water- Dehydration symptoms can mimic the symptoms of hunger.  So reach for a tall glass of water before reaching for a snack.  Also try to drink large glass before eating a meal.

3. Eat Slowly- Rushing through a meal maybe cause you to over eat.  Focus on the bites you take and savor each one.

4. Don’t wait to eat until your starving– When all possible don’t go too long in between meals.  This will only cause you to eat without thinking about it.

5. Dole out portions in advance- When eating meals or snacking, pre-select portion size, out of site out of mind!

6. Don’t eat while distracted – eating while involved in an important conversation or while watching tv can divert attention away from how much you are eating, so stay focused.

7. Protein fueled breakfast- breakfast is an important meal of the day, so start it with protein instead of carbohydrates, which is still fruit. Try eggs with veggies instead of cereal and fruit etc.

8. Know your weaknesses- if you are a sucker for ice cream, don’t buy it. If you tend to eat as a coping method for stress, look for a healthier way to relieve that anxiety, try exercise.

How these help you. Over eating can be curbed by following these few easy simple steps!


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