4 Legs Are Better Than 1

Being in control of your health doesn’t have to be complicated, as a matter of fact it really should be the exact opposite. EASY!  You just need to remember the 4 legged chair.  If you sit on a chair with 4 legs it’s more stable and balanced.  The same is true for your overall health, the more stable and balanced the better health.  Here are the 4 legs of your health.  1) Innate-You have an innate (In8 get it) intelligences, your GOD given ability to heal and function, 2) Eating -Ok your grandparents and parents were right, you are what you eat, if you eat like crap you’ll feel like crap, 3) Exercise- If you don’t use it you’ll lose it!  You have got to move to reach your highest levels.  This is above and beyond you normal activity, walking at the mall shopping doesn’t cut it. and the most missed leg is 4) CHIROPRACTIC- When you nervous is processing as close to 100% as possible the food you eat is better used and  the exercise you do accelerates your health.  Your body is GOD’S temple and we need to remember that, if we take care of it we honor God.  Remember it isn’t as important as to where you start as it is to just start!  So the next time you sit down on a chair remember to balance your life the same way you are balancing on the chair.


KISS Fact Remember to check us out on YouTube for easy exercise from Dr Tressler, you don’t have to exercise for hours to achieve a good work-out. Do what you like to do and just keep on doing it.

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