3-4 migraines/week, 7 pills a day, and then INNATE

Can Innate Heal? We all have an Innate ability to function and heal. But can it do more than your doctor? More than the pill you trust? Better than the diagnosis and treatment your doctor prescribes? Where is your trust?

We have been brainwashed from birth to believe that we MUST take a dose of this or swallow a pill to heal. From a cut to an infection. A fever?  So, as a Chiropractor I use my hands, to adjust the spine, remove interference and allow the body to heal on its own. More power than any pill can ever offer.

I trust in my hands not in pills. I trust in the Innate Power God supplied the body with to do the healing.  A couple months ago a young lady came to us with severe migraines/headaches. She was having 3-5 migraines per week! She tried Chiropractic before with no success. She did NOT receive the care, evaluation, x-rays, and adjustments from the previous Chiropractor as she did with us.

We found Subluxations in her neck, tremendous stress on her cervical x-ray, and postural stress.  So, we set out to correct her alignment and remove the interference to her INNATE HEALING POWER. She was relying on 7 pills a day to just get by. They did not help much, but she was desperate.

Each adjustment and each week, her migraines slowly began to disappear. After just 8 weeks, she was nearly migraine/headache free. She now only had 1 headache this past month. NO PILLS!  What we did with our hands – Adjust and remove the interference – no doctor or pharmaceutical company could do.

Her Innate healing power was restored and she healed. She is feeling amazing, high energy, no pain or headaches and is loving life. Isn’t it time you trust in INNATE more than your doctor, a pill, or the next prescription?

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