I’m sure we have all set goals, get excited and realize after a week, a month or by March, we will not hit our goal and forget all about it.  It usually is within the first week of January.  Don’t let this happen. This applies to all goals in your life. Let’s take a look at some health goals to start the year.

Want to lose weight?

  1. Set a small goal for January and don’t lose sight.

  2. Get help or a plan for success.  We have amazing weight loss plans. Attend our next workshop for all the info.

  3. Read my book ABC’s of Health on Amazon. If you request this now – I will send a copy for FREE or just ask when in the office. Limited supply.  I only have 20 on stock – so the first 20 are Free.  (If sending – I only ask that you pay for shipping, $3.00). Amazon has them for $20. OR Receive a FREE Kindle edition – Offer ends midnight Friday Jan 8th.

How about Detoxing to start the year fresh?

  1. Start by adding in plenty of fruits and vegetables. 8-12 glasses of water/day. No soda, sugar, bread or dairy.

  2. Take Whole food supplements to gently pull these toxins out of liver, kidneys, fat cells, and other organs including your colon.

  3. I’m all about doing this simple but yet powerful.  You can get caught up in all the marketing sells pitches on different ways to detox. But if you miss out on simple strategies, you can waste a lot of money and not get the results you want.  Check out this article on detox: Debunking Detox, sent in by a faithful reader.

  4. We have very direct and easy to follow programs. Ask for a consult. Too far from our office? Send in an email and we can consult over the phone. No cost for a consult.

Want to regain True Health, reduce meds, and feel alive?

  1. Schedule an Exam to have your Spine and nerve system checked. A true Chiropractic exam will identify if your under stress which will affect body function and health.

  2. Spinal x-rays will reveal subluxation and if there is degeneration or arthritis developing in your spine.  This will affect movement, energy, and organ health.

  3. Read my book; True Health. Many of you have it, if not, I am offering aFREE Kindle Edition on Amazon. Offer ends this Friday, Jan 8th, at midnight.

By addressing these 3 Simple, but very Powerful, steps – you can regain amazing health and be ready to hit those goals.  Especially your health goals. When you have your health and energy – you can be stronger to hit your financial goals, business goals, family goals, and spiritual goals.

I look forward to helping all that want to take their health to the next level and have the best year of your life. By reading these books, you will become empowered to make these changes. God bless, Dr. T

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